Thank you for taking the time to hear my mission.
First I'd like to tell you why I have started the GoFundMe page below.
When I was 17 I suffered complete heart block which lead to me needing a pacemaker. I suffered severe anxiety and needed therapy for 18 months. Music is what truly helped me, it gave me an escape and allowed me to let out my emotions. More importantly other peoples music (such as John Mayer) helped, with them singing about their own anxieties I knew I wasn't alone. As Tony Robbins says "The secret to living is giving" and this is the best way I know I can give., because when someone puts them headphones on I want them to go to a good place. Please join me on Go Fund Me to help me to make music and reach more people to help them. It will truly make a difference to many people's lives.

What you get (as well as helping others)!
I will do regular (at least once a month) online shows for just the people who sign up! In this live stream show I will take requests, answer questions and it will be a very relaxed hang out where we can have fun,

Thank you and lets help the world xo