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Why am I raising money this way?



As you may already be aware. on 14th Feb 2020 my song 'Small Things' charted at number 9 in the singer/songwriter charts. Making me a top 10 singer/songwriter. Following this I was hoping for some amazing deals coming my way from the music industry but how I was wrong! It seems the deals are not great and unless you take one of these deals its very tough to get on tours and radio..

So I am coming to you lovely people to ask very kindly, if you are in a position to support someone in my position and be apart of a music career growing as an independant artist, if you would be happy to donate anything you can to help with tours and hiring radio pluggers rather than going the label route it would be massively apprecaited. I want to add my mission as it is important. When I was 17 I had a pacemaker after my heart rate went down to 28 BPM. This is what turned me to music to help me escape and deal with emotions. I released a song called 'The Secret' which focuses on self belief, finding joy and passion in life and being your best self. It is very inspirational and gained some traction (number 89 in the Pop Chart). But once again didn't pull in enough clout to get a good deal. These are the sort of songs I want to get out in the world, inspiring, helping people escape and feel better about their lives. I can only do it so much myself, which is why I ask for any support on this venture.

My target to get everything in the place I desire within the year is £100,000. It's a big task, but I believe we can do it! Everyone who donates will get thank you credits in my next album and also invited to shows of their choice.

With love,

Tom Bertram x

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