Tom Bertram and Tim Bradshaw


I am very proud, pleased and excited to be performing my first Headline show at Portsmouth’s famous Wedgewood Rooms.

I am even more excited to be accompanied on the stage by my producer and friend Tim Bradshaw. Tim has been in the industry a while and has become very established, his work includes acts such as John Mayer, David Gray, Ronan Keating and M.I.A.As many of you know already by now I am very fond of John Mayer and David Gray, so to have the support and belief from Tim really means a lot to me.

I’m very excited (have I said that already?), if you are in or near Portsmouth on October 12th I’d love to see you there.
Also if you would, I’d love for you to help spread the word around about the show on your Facebook, Twitter, Telephones, Message in a bottles or send a trained speaking animal around (that would be awesome, please let me know so we can approach a talent show…).

I’ll let you know how it goes if you can’t make it, thanks for all the support as usual without you guys these things wouldn’t happen.

Tom xx